We are an innovative surveying company working with engineers, planners, consultants and other professionals.

TPS strives to record and deliver all necessary data to ensure accurate and informative deliverables in a timely manner. We utilize the most up to date technology for both field and office services to set the standards in survey techniques and quality assurance.

Combined with experienced personal and the reliability of all the latest technologies, our company has the ability of providing a wide range of survey techniques in a safe and efficient manner.

Our Services

  • Mining and vertical shaft surveying (TPS & HDS)
  • Industrial Surveying, Layout & HDS Scanning
  • Infrastructure Surveying, Layout & HDS Scanning
  • Topographic & Hydrographic Surveying
  • Gyro Surveying
  • UAV Surveying
  • Control Surveying
  • Architectural Surveying (Existing Building Fascade)
  • HDS Surveying
  • Drafting (Computations and Volumetric Work)
  • 3D Modelling
  • Check Surveying (Control Surveys & U/G Control Surveys)

The Management Staff

Deryck Dowding
President/Survey Manager
Mr. Deryck Dowding, civil tech/gis tech, has been involved in designing, modelling and surveying exclusively for over 20 years.
Gary Wilson
Vice President/Construction Tech/Architectural Tech
Mr. Gary Wilson, construction tech/architectural tech, has been involved with surveying for over 20 years.

Brief History of Our Company

January 2020

Deryck and Gary take the reigns of Total Precision Surveying.  We look forward to sharing our knowledge and experience with all of our clients both new and old.  We are planning big things for TPS’s future.

December 2019

Total Precisions Jim Shook decided to pass the torch and retire.  We would like to thank Jim for all of his years of helping make TPS what it is today.

January 2016

Total Precision sales still very strong with a good mix of products that are available. Total Precision introduces its own multi rotor and fixed wing to compete in the drone business. Down turn in the industry hampers surveying services. Employee’s role changing slightly to accommodate economic times.

August 2015

Total Precision sales decides to grow into the drone market by creating its own drones to fit into the work place. A large amount of R&D are spent looking at all options. Surveying services still working on wind turbine projects.

January 2015

Total Precision sales start to look at the drone market to see if it would be a good fit. Survey Services now fully involved in wind turbine project. Man power need to grow to keep up with demand for survey services.

March, 2015

August 2014

Total Precision sales still going very strong with the added products from Stonex and Carlson. In house manufacturing still increasing to accommodate growing demand for sales. Surveying services start to diminish in the mining sector so company decides to increase interest in the solar, wind, hydroelectric sector.

February, 2015

January 2014

Total Precision out grows there office space and moves to a much larger facility to have more retail space with a full service shop for repairs and larger area for manufacturing. Total Precision releases a new cross hair laser for the mining sector. This unit was developed and assembly within TPS. Survey services still continue to be strong in the mining sector.

March, 2015

August 2013

Equipment sales growing at a continuing rate. Total Precision survey decides to branch out into more avenues to make a more well-rounded company. With the implementation of machining tools Total Precision begins to start manufacturing products for the industry. Surveying Services still continue to be strong in the mining sector.

May, 2012

January 2013

Due to the back lash from clients throughout the mining, engineering, commercial sectors. Total Precision had to move back into the sales sector to accommodate the need for a well-rounded sales team. Survey Services continued to be strong working across Canada to provide technical support to an abundant amount of mines to perform check surveys in the mining sector.

March, 2010

August 2012

The Total Precision Surveying Group split off from the former company and began focusing on surveying services.