Carlson Quarryman Pro

The new Quarryman Pro from Carlson offers the following new features:

  • The new larger sun-readable screen for better visibility is also now in full colour.
  • Data is saved to a USB, rather than a flashcard, for ease of data transfer, and to enable you to hold many more files.
  • GPS mount is built into the handle so that the Quarryman Pro can be geopositioned quickly, and easily map point cloud data to other quarry surveys.
  • Fewer clicks for each operation greatly enhances the speed with which you can work.
  • Auto date and time stamping helps you to find files without needing to enter details.
  • The battery issues a warning when low, but shuts down automatically if not recharged,retaining your data for retrieval later.
  • The new Li-ion battery is not only lighter, but also provides a longer scan time.
  • Both the operating temperature and processing power of the system have been increased.

Product Description

The Quarryman Pro is a rugged easy to use scanner designed and tested to ensure it can operate in the toughest conditions.

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