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We offer a wide range of surveying equipment in our fully stocked showroom.  If you’re looking for cm quality GPS or just an automatic level, we have it all.  We also support you after the sale.  Our knowledgeable staff also provides a wide variety of training on all our equipment.

View of sales floor with available products


Combined with experienced personnel and the reliability of the latest technologies, our company has the ability of providing a wide range of survey techniques in a safe and efficient manner including but not limited to the following:
  • Mining and vertical shaft surveying (TPS & HDS)
  • Industrial surveying, layout , drone work & HDS scanning
  • Infrastructure surveying, layout, drone work & HDS scanning
  • Topographic & hydrographic surveying
  • Gyro surveying
  • Control surveying
  • Architectural surveying (existing building fascade)
  • Drone work (Video, Imagery, Ortho-imagery & Point Clouds)
  • HDS surveying
  • HDS remote scanning
  • HDS void/raise bore/shaft scanning
  • Drafting (computations and volumetric work)


Looking for rental equipment…Look no further we also have a broad range of rental gear to allow you to get your job done.

  • GPS (base stations and rovers)
  • Total stations
  • Robotic total stations
  • Transits
  • Levels
  • And more

Call for rates or get a quote for long term.



  • GPS
  • Total Stations
  • Transits
  • Levels

If we can’t fix it we’ll sell you a new one!  We support what we sell.