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Carlson C-ALS

Carlson C-ALS

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The Carlson C-ALS Gyro borehole-deployable laser scanner for concealed cavity and void scanning.

The unique 50 mm diameter of C-ALS allows access to voids via narrow boreholes, which minimises scanner deployment time and cost. The 360° spherical coverage provides a full view from a single scan, with no blind spots. In addition, the C-ALS laser scanner also enables you to:

  • use remote-control operation to survey potentially dangerous underground voids safely
  • view the results of your scan in minutes, not days
  • work safe in the knowledge that an IP67 rating gives you the confidence that C-ALS will operate in wet, humid and dusty conditions. It can also withstand submersion to a depth of 1 m, reducing the risk of damage if C-ALS is accidentally deployed into a flooded cavity.